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Victim Services

The legal process is complex and often confusing. Since 1986, the Conasauga Circuit District Attorney's Office has developed programs to provide additional assistance to crime victims. This process began with the establishment of the Victim/Witness Assistance Program under District Attorney Jack Partain followed in 1994 by the creation of The GreenHouse child advocacy center. After Kermit McManus became District Attorney in 1996, the Domestic Violence Unit was established in 1997, followed by the Sexual Assault Response Team in 2010 Each of these programs is tailored to provide specific assistance to victims of certain types of crimes. Many of the services provided by the District Attorney's Office are now mandated by the Crime Victim's Bill of Rights, which became law in 1995 and which was amended in 2010. The Conasauga Circuit District Attorney's Office has been a leader in providing these services and recognizing victim's rights long before the Crime Victim's Bill of Rights was passed.

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Brenda Hoffmeyer,
Director of Victim Services

Victim Advocates:

Karen Barbaree
Kelly Snyder
Lydia Rodriguez
Keli Espetia
Cindy Jacabo

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