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Conasauga Judicial Circuit of Georgia

   Serving Murray & Whitfield Counties


The Superior Court is Georgia’s general jurisdiction trial court. It has exclusive, constitutional authority over felony criminal cases, divorce, equity and cases regarding title to land. The Superior Court may also correct errors made by lower courts. In Counties, like Murray and Whitfield, where no State Court exists, the Superior Court hears both felony and misdemeanor criminal cases. The criminal cases in Superior Court generally involve adult offenders (seventeen years old and above), but the Superior Court also has concurrent jurisdiction with Juvenile Court and may handle criminal prosecutions of juveniles in certain limited situations, generally involving serious violent felony offenses committed by juveniles between the ages of fourteen and sixteen.

The District Attorney's Office prosecutes all criminal cases in Superior Court and conducts probation revocation hearings when persons placed on probation by a Superior Court judge are alleged to have violated the terms of their sentence. The District Attorney is also a party in some civil actions in Superior Court including asset forfeiture proceedings against vehicles and other property seized in connection with criminal activity and as a respondent to Petitions for Habeas Corpus filed by criminal defendants challenging the constitutionality of their confinement or of a prior criminal conviction.

Superior Court:

William T. Boyett, Chief Judge

Brad Butler,
Superior Court Administrator
P.O. Box 1066
Dalton, Georgia 30722
Phone: 706-278-5897

Murray County Superior Court:
Connie Reed,
Clerk of Superior Court
121 N. 3rd Avenue
Chatsworth, Georgia 30705
Phone: (706) 695-2932

Whitfield County Superior Court:
Melica Kendrick,
Clerk of Superior Court
205 N Selvidge Street
Dalton, Georgia 30720
Phone: (706) 275-7450

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