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About conasauga-da.org

The Conasauga District Attorney's official website, www.conasauga-da.org, underwent significant renovation following the February 22, 2012 swearing-in of Bert Poston as the new District Attorney and resumed full operations in May of the same year. The website serves as a visible part of a renewed effort by the District Attorney's Office to provide timely and relevant information to the community we served.

On our "Home" page you will find news, information about the District Attorney and the office, answers to common questions and definitions of common legal terms as well as links to related web-sites and other information.

On our "Counties" page you will find specific information about our offices and operations in both Murray and Whitfield Counties as well as contact information for each office and for our different departments.

Our "Courts" pages will provide basic information about the courts in which we operate, primarily Superior Court, Juvenile Court and Magistrate Court, as well as other courts from which we receive cases or have contact. These pages will also explain our role and responsibilities in these courts.

Finally, the "Victim Services" section will detail our efforts to assist victims to understand and navigate the complex and often confusing criminal justice system. These services are provided by the Victim/Witness Assistance Program, the Domestic Violence Unit, the Sexual Assault Response Team and The GreenHouse, an Advocacy Center for Children. Information about the Crime Victim's Bill of Rights is also provided.

The District Attorney's web-site will continue to grow and provide additional resources to crime victims, law enforcement officers and other interested persons. Future plans include the addition of on-line forms, case status look-up, and other information.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the website itself, please contact our web-administrator [webmaster@conasauga-da.org].

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Bert Poston,
District Attorney

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