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July 6, 2021 (Dalton) – Bobby Ray Reaves, Sr. (33), formerly of 1606 Lynwood Drive, NE, Dalton, pled guilty today in two separate cases of child molestation involving two different victims. Reaves was sentenced by Superior Court Judge William Boyett to serve 12 years in prison followed by 8 years on probation on one case, and 12 years in prison followed by one year probation on the other with both cases to be served concurrently Child molestation carries a maximum penalty of 20 years confinement. Reaves had no prior record before his 2019 arrest on these cases.

The first case involved acts which occurred in 2015. At the time of the disclosure, there was insufficient evidence to proceed on that case. However, in 2019 a second victim came forward leading to further investigation and the prosecution of both cases. Detective Ronnie Morris with the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office investigated the second incident and his hard work led directly to the double conviction. In addition to conducting that initial investigation, Detective Morris later determined that the Reaves, who was out on bond with an ankle monitor, was violating bond conditions which prohibited him from being around children. Morris worked to document those violations and get Reaves back in court on a petition to revoke his bond. It was only when he was facing a revocation of his bond that Reaves wanted to talk about a guilty plea. The District Attorney’s Office greatly appreciates Detective Morris’ diligence in this case which allowed us to resolve the case with a guilty plea and without the victims having to testify at a trial.

Assistant District Attorney Ben Kenemer represented the State in both cases. Reaves was represented by P.J. Hemmann of the Public Defender’s Office.

Bobby Ray Reaves, Sr., September 24, 2019.

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