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March 15, 2018 (Dalton) – After consulting with the Dalton Public School System and with student and parent representatives, the District Attorney’s Office and Randal Davidson’s attorney, Richard Murray, reached an agreement this morning concerning bond. A consent order was prepared and presented to Superior Court Judge Cindy Morris and was signed and filed around 11:00 AM this morning. Davidson remains in custody at this time pending his posting bond and coordinating the terms of his release under the order which is attached.

Under the terms of the order, Davidson will be placed on an electronic ankle monitor prior to leaving the Whitfield County Jail. The monitor tracks his coordinates using the GPS system and will be used to restrict him to certain physical locations while on bond. Upon having the monitor placed on his ankle, a Whitfield County Deputy will transport Davidson to the Hamilton Medical Center Emergency Room where representatives from Westcott Behavioral Health Services will perform an initial evaluation and make a referral either to their own facility or to another appropriate facility. Thereafter, Davidson will be transported to the referred facility for additional psychiatric evaluation and treatment. Davidson will sign a waiver allowing the facility to report the results of the evaluation to the Court.

Additionally, Davidson will surrender any and all firearms in his possession and consent to a search of his residence to secure any other firearms he may own. He will be prohibited from going on or about any school property or having any contact with school employees, students or the immediate families of any students.

Davidson remains in the custody of the Whitfield County jail as of the time of this press release. Arrangements will be made to coordinate between jail staff, the electronic monitoring company, and the Westcott center to coordinate his release and transport for evaluation which could take place as early as this afternoon.

.PDF file of the Davidson Bond Order.

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