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The Conasauga Drug Court is not a separate court but rather a program operated within the Superior Court. The program began in 2002 and is presided over by Superior Court Judge Jack Partain. Candidates for Drug Court are individuals who are facing felony charges in Superior Court where substance addiction is identified as an underlying cause of criminal behavior and who meet other eligibility requirements. The Drug Court is a voluntary program for eligible offenders and involves intensive substance abuse treatment and accountability in which the Court remains actively involved in the process. Many candidates are eligible for and are sentenced under Georgia's first offender act such that upon completion of the program and the probated sentence for which the program is a condition, the offender avoids a felony conviction on their record.

The District Attorney's Office is an active participant in the Drug Court program. The District Attorney’s Office is an active participant in the Conasauga Drug Court program and has been since its inception. An assistant district attorney serves on the Drug Court team and acts as the gatekeeper to the program, screening applicants before they are considered for admission by the full team. The District Attorney’s Office is represented weekly during Drug Court sessions and at graduations and other special ceremonies.

Drug Court:

Drug Court:
Jim Wilbanks, Presiding Judge
Jennifer Phillips, Coordinator
P.O. Box 2535
Dalton, Georgia 30722
Phone: (706) 281-4811

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